• We can send information both in analog and digital system.
  • Analog signal varies continuously with respect to time.
  • When we increase volume or amplitude of the sound, it causes the fluctuations of the current or voltage to increase proportionally.
  • Though the waveform or shape remains same.
  • In digital the values are at discrete intervals.

Digital System – Advantages

  • Digital system based on a number of discrete level, 2.
  • Digital system are less affected by noise. If the noise is below a certain level, it will have no effect.
  • Digital signals can be regenerated to achieve loss less data transmission, within certain limits.
  • Digital system interface are easy to control with software.
  • We can add features to a digital system without changing hardware, just by uploading new software.
  • Information storage can be much easier in digital systems than in anolog ones.

Digital System – Disadvantages

  • If a single piece of digital data is lost then large blocks of related data can completely change.
  • Digital circuits are made from analog components. So we can not  avoid the analog nature of these components
  • Digital circuits use more energy than analog circuit to accomplish the same calculations and signal processing task, thus producing more heat as well.

Types of Digital System

  • Digital system divided into combinational system and sequential systems.
  • A combinational system always present the same output when given the same inputs
  • A sequential system is a combinational system with some of the outputs fed back as inputs.
  • This makes the digital machine perform a “sequence” of operations.

Types of Sequential System

  • Sequential system divide into two further sub-categories, synchronous sequential system and asynchronous sequential system.
  • Synchronous sequential system change state all at once, when a clock signal changes state.
  • Asynchronous sequential system propagate changes whenever input change.

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