• The AND gate gives an output only when all its inputs are present.
  • The AND gate has a 1 output when both A and B are 1. (all-or-nothing gate).
  • The output of an AND gate will be true  only if all its inputs are true. Its output would be false if any of its inputs is false. 
  • The AND gate works on the Boolean algebra –
  • It is logical multiplication and is different from the arithmetic multiplication
  • The output C is q only when both A and B are 1
  • The output C is true only when both A and B are true. 
  • According to Boolean algebra, the AND gate performs logical multiplication on its inputs
  • 1. A.1 = 1                                                      2. A.0 = 0
  • 3. A.A = A


  • It is so called because its output is NOT the same as its input.
  • It is also called an inverter because it inverts the input signal.
  • It has one input and one output.
  • The schematic symbol for inversion is a small circle.
  • The logical symbol for inversion is a bar over the function to indicate the opposite state.

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