Operation Instruction

  • Before positing a pot, please clear water mark/greasy dirt or other substance off the pot surface and crystal glass plate.
  • Put a pot to be heated on the “center” of the induction stove. Never put an empty pot on the crystal glass plate.
  • When the unit is connected to the Main Supply, short audio sound is heard with all LED blink. If supply voltage is below 125V AC, then error code (Pressure Cooker LED) will be blink. If the input voltage exceeds 270V AC, then error code (Water /Milk LED) will be blink.
  • After the ON/OFF switch is pressed, unit will operate on default cooking mode “Roti” with glowing indicator of selected function and default cooking temperature 1200 W/240 Deg C is displayed.
  • Press “Function” switch to select the desired cooking function.
  • If after the ON/OFF or cooking menu switch is pressed and there is no suitable pot on the induction stove the buzzer will sound. The unit will shut down automatically one minute later.
  • For the heating process of a corresponding cooking function, read the instruction on function cooking modes.


  • If, after selection of a certain function, to adjust power, press + – keys.
  • Individual functions may be limited in power adjustment because of effects on cooking.
  • For some functions, the induction stove can, during heating, control its firepower automatically based on the cooking effect.


  • After the work time elapses, the induction stove will shut down automatically.
  • To shut down ahead of time, press the shutdown key.


  • Induction stove will go on dry heat protection mode while cooking chapattis due to dry heating of empty pan in between the cooking time.
  • To avoid this, while making chapattis set the minimum wattage to 1000W.
  • Once the raw chapattis are ready, place the chapattis on the pan and simultaneously increase the wattage from 700W to 1200W.
  • It is recommended to roll all required raw chapattis and keep aside. Then start cooking chapattis one by one.


Error Codes

  • Roti LED Blink with beep – There is no pot or no suitable pot on the Induction Stove
  • Pressure Cooker LED Blink with beep – Input Voltage is Low (125 + or – 10 V), wait for Correct Voltage
  • Water/Milk LED Blink with beep – Input Voltage is High (270 + or – 10 V), wait for Correct Voltage
  • Vegetable LED Blink with beep – Sensor Under glass is open/short or faulty, Contact authorized Service Center
  • Dal LED blink with Beep – Sensor Under IGBT is open/short or fault, Contact authorized Service Center
  • Keep Warm LED Blink with Beep – IGBT temperature is very high, Wait for the unit to cool down and there after it will restart
  • Stir Fry LED Blink with beep – Temperature under the glass is very high, Wait for the unit to cool down and there after it will restart.

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