Preamplifier with Built-in Digital Player/Recorder – Ahuja ADP-30R


  • AC Mains & 12V Car Battery operation.
  • Designed for use in a wide variety of PA application
  • Built-in MP3 recorder player with LCD display supplied with remote control and with built-in facility of USB, SD, MMC card & Bluetooth
  • Preamp output for connecting to Stereo or Mono input of another amplifier and REC input for recording the preamp output of another amplifier
  • Provision for automatic changeover from AC to Battery Operation ensures continuity of program (if 12V battery is connected)
  • Protection provided against the reverse polarity of battery connections.


  • Play Level Control – To adjust the output level of module in play mode
  • Clip LED – This LED glows when output level is 200mV
  • Rec Level Control – To adjust the level of program to be recorded
  • Rec Level LED – This LED glows when recording level of program is 200mV
  • Power LED – This LED glows when the module power is ON
  • MONO/STEREO Switch – For selecting mono or stereo operation of the module
  • REC input 200mV RCA Socket – For accepting an unbalanced signal from an auxiliary source like Tuner, Echo Unit, or CD Player etc.
  • OUTPUT 200mV – For connecting to the AUX input of another amplifier.
  • SD/MMC Card Connector – Insert the SD/MMC card into it s appropriate slot to play. When taking out the card, pull the card to take out. While inserting SD/MMC card into the slot, ensure that the card is inserted inn such a way that all pins are towards right & cut is facing upwards .
  • Cycle Mode – Successive pressing of this button provides various options like REPEAT1, INTRO, NORMAL, FOLDER, REEAT FOLDER, RANDOM and REPEAT ALL.
  • << Prev – During playback short pressing the Prev. key will go to the prev. file/track. Long press will fast backward the track. In main menu, short pressing previous key will go to the previous option.
  • >> Next – During playback, short press the Next key to go to the next file or track and long press to fast forward the track. In main menu, short press Next key to go to the next option in the main menu.
  • Folder – Press the FOLDER key and display will show track list or folder of the USB/SD card, then use Next/Prev, key or rotate the control ‘M’ to select the desired track and press Mode/control knob to confirm.
  • REC – Press REC button when USB/SD Card is connected, then module will start recording in USB/SD Card. During recording short press the REC button, it will Pause the recording. Press again to resume the recording. Long press of REC button or short press of Play button during recording will immediately start playing the latest recorded file.
  • Rotary Control – Rotate clockwise or anticlockwise for selecting the option from main menu and press control knob to confirm. In case of folder option, LCD will show folders or tack list. Select the desired file by rotating this knob and press to confirm. In case of USB/SD Card playback, rotate this knob to select the Next or Previous track and short press this knob to confirm. Long press will go to main menu.

By rotating this knob clockwise or anticlockwise, during playback, display will show the track name.

To play the selected track immediately, press the knob to confirm. If not automatically the selected track after completing the current track being played.

System as a Player

  • Insert the USB drive or SD card into their respective port. Module will automatically start playing.
  • When the MP3 player starts playing, the first line of display shows the time elapsed of the track being played/total time of the track, in the second line of the display show name of track and third line shows track No. being played/total number of tracks.
  • Use the volume button on the remote control or play level control on the set to adjust the desired playback level so that clip LED starts glowing. Select the desired track by remote control or press Next/Prev keys

System as a Recorder

  • Insert the USB drive or SD card into the respective port.
  • Feed the signal to be recorded into the REC input. Increase the recording level control such that REC LEVEL on the front panel just glows.  
  • Press REC button, the system will start recording immediately. Display will show the track no, time elapsed and total recording time. It will automatically save the file into a separate RECORD folder. By the name REC001…..REC00n.
  • If need arises to PAUSE the recording, short Press REC button to PAUSE the recording. To resume the recording again short press the REC key. It will resume recording in the same file and from the same point where it paused earlier.
  • To playback the recorded programme, press FOLDER key. Rotate the control knob to select RECORD folder and the desired recorded file to play.


Input Channels – REC input 200mV Left & Right

Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz  ±1dB

S/N Ration – 60 dB

Output – 200mV/600 Ω Mono / Stereo

Digital Player – MP3 Recorder Player with USB, SD, MMC Card & Bluetooth

Power Supply – AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz  DC: 12V Car Battery

Power Consumption – AC: 22VA  DC: 500mA