Some Important points on FREQUENCY

Pitch vs Frequency

A high pitch sound = A high frequency sound wave

A low pitch sound = A low frequency sound wave.

Wave length vs Frequency

As a wavelength increases in size =  its frequency and energy (E) decrease

Frequency vs Circuit Current

  1. When circuit frequency increased from 50Hz to 60Hz, then the current decreased.
  2. In an inductive circuit, when frequency increases, the circuit current decreases and vice versa.


Bandwidth is defined as the difference between the highest and the lowest frequencies of a signal generated.

What is 20MHz?

  1. The 2.4 GHz frequency uses a 20 MHz channel width.
  2. A 40 MHz channel width bonds two 20 MHz channels together à forming a 40 MHz channel width.

What is LTE?

1. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution.

2. An advanced version of 4G, one that’s faster than standard 4G.

Is 5Ghz same as 5G?

1.5Ghz is a frequency is used by WIFI systems.

2. 5G simply means fifth generation

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