IC 1703

General description

  • The TEA1703TS is a low power standby controller IC intended to be used in applications which require an extreme low no-load standby power.
  • The TEA1703TS includes circuitry for detecting output voltage, output power and switching of the SMPS.
  • The TEA1703TS integrates a switched-mode optocoupler driver, which enables an optocoupler to be driven with a high peak current while keeping the required power low1.
  • The typical current consumption of a TEA1703TS is 30 μA.
  • In a typical notebook adapter application, the power consumption of a TEA1703TS is < 0.5 mW.

Features and benefits

  • Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) standby controller IC enabling very low power standby operation
  • Large input voltage range (5 V up to 30 V) 
  • Very low supply current (30 μA) typical
  • Switched-mode optocoupler driver output (NXP Semiconductors patented)
  • Easy application, only 6 pins to connect

Block diagram

Pinning information

Pin description