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What is Windows?

Windows Home Windows Professional Features of Windows Control Panel: Windows provides a Control Panel feature that includes many tools to configure and manage the resources on their computer. For example, users can change settings for audio, video, printers, mouse, keyboard, network connections, date and time, power saving options, user accounts, installed applications, etc. Cortana: Windows 10 introduced […]

Microsoft Office 2016 / 365

Design of Microsoft Office 2016/365 : Microsoft Office 2016 User Interface Various Options in FILE Tab : Contextual Tabs : The Super Tooltip : The Mini Toolbar : The Live Preview Feature : Understanding the Features of Microsoft Office 2016  Simpler and easier document sharing : Smart Lookup : Introduction of new types of charts […]


Symptoms of a Computer Virus There are many signs or symptoms which show that a computer is infected with a virus, some of which are as follows: How Virus Can be Infected? Types of Computer Virus Overwrite Virus: Append Virus: Macro Virus : Boot Virus : Resident Virus : * Resident viruses keep themselves in […]