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Some Important points on FREQUENCY

Pitch vs Frequency A high pitch sound = A high frequency sound wave A low pitch sound = A low frequency sound wave. Wave length vs Frequency As a wavelength increases in size =  its frequency and energy (E) decrease Frequency vs Circuit Current Bandwidth Bandwidth is defined as the difference between the highest and […]

Preamplifier with Built-in Digital Player/Recorder – Ahuja ADP-30R

Features Operation By rotating this knob clockwise or anticlockwise, during playback, display will show the track name. To play the selected track immediately, press the knob to confirm. If not automatically the selected track after completing the current track being played. System as a Player System as a Recorder Specifications Input Channels – REC input […]


FEATURES SPECIFICATIONS RF Output Power – 15mW (Max) Frequency Response – 80-15,000Hz Power Supply – 3V Current Consumption 140mA at 3V DC Controls – ON/OFF Switch, Volume control Indication – Red LED for indicating transmitter ON RECEIVER Audio Output (Normal) – 0-55mV / 1 kΩ S/N Ratio — > 80dB Frequency Response – 50- 15,000 […]